Thursday, January 13, 2011

Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Not quite a Buddhist Image.

A figure designed by monks to encourage witnesses to remember the Karma of lying before giving evidence in the Killing Fields Trials.

Case 001 found the infamous Duch guilty but he received only 35 years. Both sides are appealing.

Case 002 involves four defendants aged from 78 to 85, and has just passed pre-trial. I was lucky to meet Lars Olsen on the ECCC team, and Judge Rowen Downing.


  1. Amazing to be so close to the action.

  2. The court was not sitting during my visit, but Judge Downing and Lars took me into the court which is a huge place that can seat 600. They run community legal education programs during non-sitting times. So far they have had 30,000 Cambodians bussed in from poor regional areas, to sit in the public gallery and hear how the trials are run. It helps to alleviate the anxiety over the trials, which are very controversial still.