Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Angkor Wat II

Sayam, my driver and his limo. He was great.
Taken from inside Angkor Wat, which is only one of the sites in the Angkor region
Many sites are still in use as Buddhist pagodas
At its height, AW was a city - temple.

The reliefs are countless, beautiful, sometimes shocking, and all unique.
Some sites have not been 'renovated'.
Best left as is.


  1. the photos look great Colin. There don't seem to be many tourists there. Was it incredibly hot and humid?

  2. Very interesting - have seen photos of AW before but each time they are completely different aspects unlike the TAj where most are of the same view - head on.

  3. There were a few other tourists besides me. See following post. Of course they are unphotogenic, spoiling the fantasy.

  4. Wow - looks amazing. I love that it is very much a 'living' site. xx Hannah