Sunday, January 19, 2014

Doing the Great North Walk Backwards 

Day 18 - 25 December 2013 - Brooklyn to Cowan on Christmas Day

Feeling rested, I set out from my little hotel room at 6.30am. Cool air and cloudy sky. Steady climb for about 2km on a concrete fire trail, then winding track with stunning views over Dangar and Long Island.  
Over-looking Long Island to the New Rail Bridge
  It was great to walk in cool for a change. I started to notice all the flowers, taking too many snaps. 

Brooklyn Dam

Passed Brooklyn Dam a great swimming spot. Met a guy who walks up to the dam and back each morning before breakfast. Reckons it only takes him 90 mins.. Took me that long one way with my pack.
Kept climbing. Rain increasing. Met another guy from Germany coming the other way holding an umbrella.. We chatted a bit then another guy sped passed wearing only shorts and boots. Takes all kinds.
The track became rugged and steep descending to sea level again and wilderness of Jerusalem Bay, a fitting place for my Xmas lunch.
Rain increased as I climbed the range again. It still felt good in the cool. Colours of the wet tree trunks were stunning. Stopped a few times to try to photo without getting my iPhone wet.

Angophora Costata as wet as me, at Jerusalem Bay

Eventually arrived Cowan late arvo after 12 hours walking. Nothing there of course, the only shop closed. Still raining, found a spot in a small park behind a bush to pitch tent. Pulled off a few leeches, waited for bleeding to stop before getting into sleeping bag, not fun now!
Barb txt that storms are coming tomorrow, so we change plans to meet up next day. I'll try for a hotel in Hornsby tomorrow morning since already in tent and rain increasing. Need a day to dry out. Happy Xmas and Goodnight!

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