Thursday, February 10, 2011

Laos - Vientiane

King Anouvong reigned from1805 to 1828. Famous for trying to liberate Laos from the Siamese Barbarians. He failed and the Thai ransacked Vientiane, took the king to Bangkok where they tortured him to death publically in a metal cage. 
This new statue is seen as a political statement against the Thai who still see this king as a minor historical rebel who opposed their civilising programs.

 I hired a bike to tour Vientiane and found Wat Sisaket. Built by King Anou around 1810, it was the only Wat to survive the Thai's sacking of the city in 1828.

Lining the portico are thousands of Buddha images.

Many were destroyed in the American War and looters who break off the head in a search for relics.

Beautifully golden, Prathaluang Pagoda, just outside Vientiane. The original stupa contained a rib  ('bussom bone') of the Buddha. Dating from 3rd century, it was rebuilt by King Xaisethathirath in 16th century. 
Note King Anou sitting forever on guard against the Barbarian Siamese.

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